Surendranath College
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Program Outcome

(Specific, measurable statements of what graduating/existing students should know, be able to do, believe, or value after completing the program)

Course outcome identifies the ingredients that make up the whole program, Incremental knowledge and skills that students develop bit by bit throughout the program (which is aligned with but typically narrower than the program outcomes) whereas, Program outcome characterizes the holistic thing, what individual ingredients make, once they are prepared and integrated. Student’s’ cumulative learning across all the courses at the end of the program is generally declared in the program outcome. Program Outcome should be:

  • Student-centered (it must focus on the knowledge and skills that graduates of the program should be
    able to demonstrate)
  • Measurable (It should be manifested in the actions and behaviors of the graduates)
  • Focused on the results of student learning, not on the learning process or on teaching
  • Derived from the program’s mission statement
  • Connected to observable behaviors whenever possible

These program outcomes (i.e., changes in knowledge, attitude, feelings, behavior, and skill) are generally visible after completion of the program among the learners.