Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

UG Courses

Science Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Statistics, Zoology
Arts Bengali, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology, Journalism & Mass Communication
Commerce Accountancy & Finance


Only General

  • Science : Molecular Biology
  • Others: Bengali, English, Hindi & Urdu (Compulsory Language), Environmental Studies)



Combinations of subjects permissible in Degree classes


All the students have to take English, Modern Indian Language, i.e* Bengali/Hindi/Urdu (each of 50 marks) and Environmental Studies (100 marks) whatever be the combination



B.A. Honours
Code Honours General-1 General-2
01 English History Political Science
02 English History Journalism & Mass Communication
03 Bengali History/Sociology Political Science/ Sociology
04 Bengali Sanskrit Political Science
05 Political Science History Philosophy
06 Political Science History Economics
07 History Political Science Philosophy
08 History Political Science Economics
09 Philosophy History Sanskrit
10 Philosophy History Political Science
11 Philosophy Sanskrit Political Science
12 Sanskrit Philosophy Political Science
13 Psychology History/Sociology Political Science
14 Economics History Political Science
15 Journalism & Mass Communication English Political Science
16 Sociology History Journalism & Mass Communication/ Philosophy/ English/ Bengali
B.A. General
Code General-1 General-2 General-3
21 English History Political Science
22 English History Sociology
23 English History Economics
24 English History Philosophy
25 English History Journalism & Mass Communication
26 English Political Science Philosophy
27 English Sociology Economics
28 English Sociology Philosophy
29 Bengali History Political Science
30 Bengali History Sociology
31 Bengali History Economics
32 Bengali History Philosophy
33 Bengali Political Science Economics
34 Bengali Political Science Philosophy
35 Sanskrit Political Science Economics
36 Sanskrit Political Science Philosophy
37 Political Science History Philosophy
B.Sc. Honours
Code Honours General-1 General-2
41 Physics Chemistry Mathematics
42 Physics Mathematics Computer Science
43 Chemistry Physics Mathematics
44 Mathematics Statistics Physics
45 Mathematics Chemistry Physics
46 Mathematics Physics Computer Science
47 Statistics Mathematics Economics
48 Computer Science Physics Mathematics
49 Economics Mathematics Political Science
50 Economics Mathematics Statistics
51 Economics Mathematics Computer Science
52 Economics Mathematics Journalism & Mass Communication
53 Botany Physiology Zoology
54 Botany Zoology Chemistry
55 Zoology Botany Physiology
56 Zoology Physiology Chemistry
57 Zoology Chemistry Molecular Biology
58 Physiology Zoology Botany
59 Physiology Zoology Chemistry
60 Physiology Chemistry Molecular Biology
61 Micro Biology Chemistry Physics
62 Geography Political Science Economics
63 Geography Political Science Mathematics
64 Psychology Zoology Physiology
B.Sc. General
Code General-1 General-2 General-3
81 Physics Chemistry Mathematics
82 Zoology Botany Physiology
83 Economics Political Science Mathematics


B.Com Honours
Code Honours General-1 General-2
91 Accounting & Finance Gr. 1 Gr. 2
B.Com General
Code General-1 General-2 General-3
92 Gr. 1 Gr. 2 Gr. 3




Papers under Accounting & Finance (Honours)
Part I (Honours)
Paper I Financial Accounting
Paper II Indian Financial System and Financial Market Operations
Gr. 1
Paper I Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
Paper II Business Management
Part II (Honours)
Paper III Direct and Indirect Taxation
Paper IV Cost and Management Accounting
Gr. 2
Paper I Business Regulatory Framework
Paper II Business Economics and Business Environment
Paper III Business Mathematics and Statistics

Information Technology and ITS Application in Business

Gr. 3
Paper I Principles and Practice of Accountancy
Paper II Elements of  Taxation
Paper III Money and Financial System
Part III (Honours)
Paper V Corporate Accounting
Paper VI Financial Management
Paper VII Auditing
Paper VIII Financial Statement Analysis
Paper IV Advance Accounting
Paper V Elements of Cost and Management Accounting
Paper VI Fundamentals of Auditing



The following subjects are allowed at B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Only if a student has passed Higher Secondary or equivalent examination in :
Sociology Psychology/Political Science
Computer Science Computer Science or Physics and Mathematics
Mathematics Mathematics
Physics Physics and Mathematics
Chemistry Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Economics (Honours) Mathematics or Business Mathematics
Botany Botany or Biology
Zoology Zoology or Biology
Physiology Physiology or Chemistry and Biology
Micro-Biology Biology & Chemistry/Physics
Statistics Statistics or Mathematics
Molecular Biology Biology and Chemistry or Biology and Physics
Commerce Accountancy or Business Economics including Business Mathematics or Business Organization or Mathematics or Economics or Statistics
Psychology Psychology/Philosophy