Surendranath College
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Brief History of the Department:

The Department of Philosophy is a heritage department of this college. It was established before Independence. From then on, this department has served by distinguished teachers who, though not renowned, have been eminent in their respective fields. Their motto has been to help their students learn to become ‘human’ first and in order to achieve this goal, they believed, the knowledge of philosophy would be the best weapon. To make our nation the best in the world, philosophical knowledge should be practised in life. Through many generations, teachers of this department have been trying their best and we today, are striving to maintain this tradition and legacy of our predecessors.


Distinctiveness of the Department:

The Department of Philosophy of Surendranath College is distinctive in combining a humanistic orientation with a commitment to philosophical accuracy. We value clarity of expression and logical precision, and we believe that philosophical work is augmented when it is animated by a range of conversations in the humanities, social sciences and arts. We offer the programmes fabricated by University of Calcutta at the Undergraduate level in a lively, congenial, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. We always intend to reach out every student and to touch the students’ minds with a philosophical rigor. Students’ enrichment is our constant, impartial and untiring target to fulfill.


Best Practices of the Department:

  • We have friendly and interactive relationship between teachers and students
  • Healthy and cooperative relationship among the faculty members of the department helps us to run the department smoothly
  • We try to provide career counselling of the students at personal level
  • We have a seminar library with more than 250 books to provide our students academic assistance


State Aided College Teacher & HOD


Associate Professor


Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

Programmes/ Courses Offered:


UG : B.A. (Honours) in Philosophy

Semester 1: Core Course (CC1 )- Indian Philosophy I

Core Course (CC2)-History of Western Philosophy I

Semester2: Core Course (CC3 )- Indian Philosophy II

Core Course (CC4)-History of Western Philosophy II

Semester 3: Core Course (CC5 )- Philosophy of Mind

Core Course (CC6)- Social & Political Philosophy

Core Course (CC7 )- Philosophy of Religion

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC A)- Man & Environment

Semester 4: Core Course (CC8)- Western Logic I

Core Course (CC9)- Western Logic II

Core Course (CC10 )- Epistemology & Metaphysics (Western)

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC B)- Philosophy of Human Rights

Semester 5: Core Course (CC11)- Indian Logic and Epistemology- I

Core Course (CC12)- Ethics (Indian)

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE A (1))- Philosophy of Language (Indian)

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE B (1))- Srimadbhagabadgita

Semester 6: Core Course (CC13)- Indian Logic and Epistemology- II

Core Course (CC14)- Ethics (Western)

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE A(2))- Philosophy of language (western)

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE B(2)- Contemporary Indian Philosophy

UG : B.A. (General) in Philosophy

Semester 1: Core Course (CC1 )/ Generic Elective (GE 1)- Indian Epistemology & Metaphysics

Semester 2: Core Course (CC2)/ Generic Elective (GE 2)- Western Epistemology & Metaphysics

Semester 3: Core Course (CC3 )- Western Logic

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC A)- Logical Reasoning & Application

Semester 4: Core Course (CC4)- Philosophy of Mind

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC B)- Man & Environment

Semester 5: Discipline Specific Elective (DSE A)- Ethics: Indian and Western

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC A)- Logical Reasoning & Application

Semester 6: Discipline Specific Elective (DSE B)- Contemporary Indian Thought

Skill Enhancement Elective Course(SEC B)- Man & Environment





Outcome of the Programmes/ Courses Offered:


The syllabus of B.A. Philosophy (Hons. And General) of University of Calcutta is designed in such a way that it aims to motivate the students to be more rational, analytical, argumentative and open-minded towards every sphere of life and at the same time to be respectful to Indian tradition & culture. The programme of Philosophy (Hons. And General) is framed so that the students will be able to acquire knowledge that is vital to the discipline of Philosophy including knowledge of core concepts of Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Social and Political Philosophy and religion. This programme helps the students to develop a strong sense of critical, imaginative and informative reasoning skills. At the same time they will be able to understand the nature of the human mind, language, morality, politics, logic and will also become aware of the contemporary world and environment. After thoughtful learning of the subject, students can analyze the issues like fairness, justice, human rights and duties, sense of responsibility of the citizens towards the nation. This type of awareness is very important in the present scenario of our country. After the completion of a three- year course, a student of Philosophy is able to feel that truth cannot be known intellectually, rather it must be realized within himself.


Curricular Activities of the Department:


Seminar/Workshop/Webinar organized by the Department:

  • One Day National Seminar on Metaphysics: A Road to Scientific Speculation on 29th November, 2019 in collaboration with Department of Sanskrit, Surendranath College. The eminent speakers were Dr. Brajakishore Swain, Dr. Gangadhar Kar and Dr. Sk. Sabir Ali.
  • Webinar on E-Learning and Digital Divide in the Pandemic: A Philosophical Reflection on July 1, 2020 in Zoom Cloud Meeting. The speaker was Dr. Maushumi Guha, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University.
  • Online State Level Series of Lectures on The Way To Be a Moral Person: Some Ethical Concepts of Early Confucianism on July 20, August 25, October 8, 2021 in collaboration with IQAC, Surendranath College in Zoom Cloud Meeting. The Speaker was Prof. Siddique Alam Beg.
  • Four Day Online Workshop on Research Methodology: From the Perspective of Indian Philosophy to celebrate World Philosophy Day from November 18 to November 21, 2021 in collaboration with IQAC, Surendranath College in Zoom Cloud Meeting. The speakers were Prof. (Dr.) Ratna Dutta Sharma, Former Professor, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University and Prof. (Dr.) Madhumita Chattopadhyay, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Dean, Faculty of Arts, Jadavpur University.


Co-curricular Activities of the Department:


Students’ Webinar organized by the Department:

Students’ Seminar named Darshan Chitra on July 23, 2021 in Zoom Cloud Meeting. Nine students of Sem 2, Sem 4 and Sem 6 (2021) gave presentations and two students of Sem 2 were anchors of this programme. This webinar boosted up their confidence level.

E-magazine of the Department:

Our students were able to publish the first e-magazine of our department, Chirantani on November 13, 2021. They have designed the magazine with their writings on different topics of Philosophy and a handful of photographs. Their sincere effort makes us proud.

Cultural Programme of the Department:

Our students gifted us a wonderful programme named Gurupranam on 5th September, 2021 to celebrate the occasion of Teachers’ Day.


We have divided our Hons. students semester wise and tried to provide them assistance, both academic and non-academic, at our best possible level. We have been arranging online meetings with the students regarding their problems in a regular interval. We sincerely try to cater the students with their problems. Our target is to sort out the weaknesses of slow learner students and to make the necessary improvements.

Through this system, we try to guide our students in two ways: (1) we try to specify the weakness of the academically backward students and help them to overcome it by providing special assistance; (2) we try to help the students who are academically inclined by providing reference books of the Hons. subject and of other subjects, if necessary, so that they can do better performance.

Tutorial/Remedial Classes

We have taken Tutorial / Remedial Classes for Hons. students of all Semesters from the mid-session.These classes are basically meant for the betterment of all types of students. We try to cater the students who are academically a bit advanced by providing extra reference books so that they can improve themselves. We try to provide exercises from various books specially in case of Logic in order to increase their habit of practices. On the contrary, we use these classes to meet the requirements of academically backward students who are not able to understand all the topics in the regular classes. We also take class tests of 10/15 marks to evaluate their progress.

Parent Teacher Meetings

We have organized Parent Teacher Meetings year/semester wise in college (pre-pandemic period) and Google Meet (lockdown period) where students also participate. In the virtual presence of their parents we have tried to locate their areas of interest and accordingly provide career guidance to them. We interact with the parents so that we can get a feedback about their children regarding academic problems and attending classes regularly. These meetings enhanced our energy and confidence level since the parents give us a very positive response.


We have a close a connection with the alumni of our Department. We have created a WhatsApp Group with them and we interact with them in a regular basis. They participate in our present departmental activities like webinars, workshop etc. A brief sketch of some of our alumni is as follows:

Sulata Roy (Year of passing: 2011) – Assistant Teacher in Philosophy, Haral Daspur Balika Vidyalaya.

Somnath Mondal, Puja Pal, Tumpa Gayen, Tania Pandit, Mousumi Jana (Year of passing: 2020) – They are all doing M. A. in Philosophy in University of Calcutta.

Mitali Nath (Year of passing: 2021) – Doing M. A. in Philosophy in Rabindra Bharati University.

Somnath Mondal (Year of Passing: 2020) – Qualified UGC-NET with JRF in Philosophy in 2022