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Brief History of The Department of Geography

The Department of Geography, Surendranath College, 24/2, M.G. Road, Kolkata- 700009 was established in September, 2001. It is presumed that the department is running with competence so far as undergraduate teaching-learning process is concerned. Because of the long standing demand of the locality and its people, esteemed Surendranath College has opened Geography (Hons.) courses in September, 2001. The following data clearly shows that there is fairly high demand for admission to the Geography (Hons) course, run by the department. The following picture supports the statement: in the year 2002, the application for admission was 263, in the year 2003, it was 292, in the year 2004, it was 291, in the year 2005, it was 412, whereas in current year , i.e., 2006 it increases to 827 of the total number of students enrolled in the department, more than half hail from districts outside Kolkata metropolitan Area and most of the students (95%) came from Bengali medium schools. Among the students, 75% are male students and 25% are female students approximately. The cut-off marks at entry level are 60% in aggregate and 60% in subject in general. As the syllabus for the course offered by the department is prescribed by the University of Calcutta, the faculty has little say in the matter. The current syllabus has been revised with effect from 2003. The average rate of success of the geography dept. being around 95%. Among the students of the 1st batch (2004), four of them got 1st class in Geography (hons), whereas in the 2nd batch students there were only one 1st classes and in the year 2006 there was no 1st class. In the year 2005 and 2006 total no. of 1st class in Geography (hons) from University of Calcutta is very poor. But 95% Geography (hons) students of this college in the years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 got high marks and some of them got near about 1st class marks. In 2008, we are happy to notice that in B.Sc part III Examination 2008, one student got 1st class marks and in 2009 some students got near about 1st class marks and these students are got opportunity to admit in different Universities including Calcutta university . It is noticed that among the high performers, the no. of students hailing from the districts is quite significant, which is certainly a very healthy sign. There also appears a decline in dropout rate. Most of the ex-students of our dept. are engaged in Govt. and private job in different fields and recent pass out students are carrying out their post graduation in different Universities. The dept. is new. The space of the ‘ Department-cum-Laboratory’ is very insufficient for the students. So it is not possible to to arrange a Departmental seminar library inside the dept. In central library there are 500 nos. of different Geographical text and reference books. Obviously this no. is inadequate and owing to space constraints we are unable to add to the present number of books. In addition the space of the Department-cum-Laboratory’ is not sufficient for practical works for the students. It has already been started that the department of geography has started its course in September, 2001 having a limited infrastructural facilities although, at the same time it hopes that the said department would enjoy require infrastructural support very soon. We have at present one computer in the department, which is definitely insufficient for conducting practical classes and other departmental works and of course for newly introduced ‘Remote Sensing and GIS’ study and practical implications. Moreover, in need of the students, the department of geography requires some teaching-aids for the teachers which include one Overhead Projector and one Slide Projector. In 2009, almost 73 students are enrolled. The success rate of this year very satisfactory almost 86% .In this year department of Geography almost overcome its infrastructural problems with its new laboratory and seminar library with huge number of books. In 2010 and 2011 with increasing rate of student growth the result of the department also very satisfactory. Many students of the department admitted in PG course of Calcutta University. In 2014 Department of Geography was get another fully air-conditioned laboratory exclusively for part III students .In 2015 Department was get a fully AC computer laboratory with 10(ten) computers for remote sensing and GIS study and practical implications.




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