Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Code of Conduct

Teaching is a very noble profession. A teacher has a very crucial role in shaping the character, personality and career of the students.

The Teachers would:
  • act as a role model for students by displaying good conduct, set a standard of dress, speech and behavior worthy of example to the students.
  • act as friend, philosopher and guide of students.
  • help students in identifying their potential and support through counseling and mentoring.
  • create a conducive environment for teaching–learning process and strive for innovative practices and knowledge creation.
  • observe punctuality in teaching and other duties.
  • exhibit decent behaviour with all.
  • refrain from harassment of student in any form.
  • actively participate in institutional development.
  • refrain from any type of discrimination
  • inculcate human values, scientific outlook and concern for the environment among students and others.
  • develop an understanding of our heritage.
  • encourage students to actively participate in scheme/ activities of national priorities.
  • cooperate with the university authorities for betterment of the university.
  • actively work for national integration and communal harmony.
  • be sensitive to societal needs and development.
  • abide by Act, Statutes, Ordinances, rules, policies, procedures of the university and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and the traditions.

Students would make the best use of the golden part of their lives in HEIs by devoting their energy for learning and developing a wholesome personality.

Students would:
  • abide by Act, Statutes, Ordinances, rules, policies, procedures of the university and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and the traditions.
  • stay in an academic institution with the joyful learning experience.
  • remain punctual, disciplined and regular in attending classes.
  • observe modesty in their overall appearance and behaviour.
  • behave with dignity and courtesy with teachers, staff and fellow students.
  • act as a role model for the junior students by attaining the highest level of values and morality.
  • maintain harmony among students belonging to different socio-economic status, community, caste, religion or region.
  • contribute towards cleanliness of the campus and surroundings.
  • respect and care for the institutional properties.
  • observe proper behavior while on outside activities (educational tour/visit or excursion).
  • be honest in providing only truthful information on all documents.
  • maintain the highest standards of academic integrity while presenting own academic work.
  • help teachers in maintaining the learning environment conducive for all students.
  • strive to keep campus ragging free.
  • be sensitive to gender issues.
  • be sensitive to societal needs and development.
  • maintain good health and refrain from any kind of intoxicants.
Office and Support staff would:
  • carry out official decisions and policies faithfully and impartially, seeking to attain the highest possible standards of performances.
  • encourage the staff to maximise their efficiency.
  • create conditions that inspire teamwork.
  • act timely to readdress the genuine grievances.
  • maintain the confidentiality of the records and other sensitive matters.
  • co-operate and liaison with colleagues, as appropriate, to ensure students receive a coherent and comprehensive educational service.
  • care for the institute’s property.
  • facilitating congenial environment.
  • refrain from any form of discrimination.
  • not accept bribes or indulge in any corrupt practices.
  • make every effort to complete the assigned work in a time-bound manner.

The function of the governing body is to ensure that the organization fulfills its overall purpose, achieves its intended outcomes and operates in an efficient, effective and ethical manner.

The members would:
  • work in the best interest of the HEI.
  • work co-operatively with fellow members in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • act honestly and in good faith at all times in achieving institute’s intended outcomes.
  • maintain the confidentiality of information.