Surendranath College
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Income Tax Cell

About the Cell

This cell works to help the office to deduct the income tax of every incumbent both teaching and non-teaching staff for every financial year and to issue the Form-16.

Policy / SOP of the Income Tax Cell

After the formation of the Income Tax Cell, we met and decided to divide the whole workload among our members for the actualization of the given responsibilities.

  • In every financial year (FY), we collect the Income Tax (IT) Declaration from the incumbents by supplying the required notices and as per it; TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is calculated and deducted.
  • The TDS, so calculated, is reported to Mr. Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Head Clerk (Office), for required TDS deduction from the salary of incumbents.
  • Details of salary paid to the employees and TDS deducted on such payment is reported in Form 24Q to Mr. Amit Saha, Accountant, Msa & Co., Kolkata, hired by the College Authority for making such entries to the Income Tax Department online.
  • After the end of the Financial Year Mr. Amit saha of the Concerned Consultancy Firm will provide us with the Form 16 of the incumbents and such form 16 is submitted to H.C, office for the distribution to the incumbents for Income Tax Return (ITR) filing.
  • The IT Declaration submitted by the incumbents for Financial Year (FY) 2019 to 2020 is kept in Physical form and for FY-2020 to 2021 & FY-2021 to 2022, is received through email i.e. and safely kept in soft copies, due to the Covid-19, pandemic situation with Co-Convenor Prof. Dipen Sherpa.

Future Plan of Action

In the coming days a meeting will be scheduled and preparations are going on for better and smooth functioning of Income Tax related work in consultation with the College Principal and Office staff.

Date of Formation of Income Tax Cell: – 22.05.2019

Form of the Subcommittee:-

Jt. Convenors:-

    — 1. Dr. Asok Kumar Das, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics
    — 2. Prof. Shib Shankar Biswas, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics


    — 1. Prof. Netai Roy, Assistant Prof. in Mathematics.
    — 2. Prof. Samir Biswas, Assistant Prof. in Mathematics.
    — 3. Prof. Sourav Mitra, Assistant Prof. in Physics.
    — 4. Mr. Niloy Kundu – Office Staff