Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

IT And E Maintenance Cell

About the Cell

IT and E maintenance cell is the maintenance strategy which helps to monitor the proper functioning and upgradation of the physical, academic and support service facilities. One of the main reason of this cell is asset optimization. Proper implementation of e maintenance benefits the faculties, students, staff and management. It also provides a platfrom to work in a more efficient and streamlined manner.



IT and E-maintenance Policy

  1. IT Policy is being documented for fair and transparent academic purpose for use of various IT resources in the Campus for Students, Faculty, Staff and Management.
  2. Due to the policy initiatives and academic drives, IT resource utilization in the Campus has grown in the last 4 years.
  3. To provide all required IT resources as per the academic programs laid down. Also, to introduce new IT technologies which will benefit the students.
  4. To achieve timely upgradation, replenishment, repairing and replacement of resources and sources
  5. To receive uninterrupted and smooth functioning of physical, academic and support service facilities.
  6. To have optimum utilization of facilities in order to have effective college functioning.
  7. To sensitize the students the importance of e waste collection drive.

   — Kousik Ghosh
   — Barnali Ray Basu


   — Adity Sarbajna
   — Samir Kr. Biswas
   — Gautam Dutta
   — Swapan Majhi
   — Dipasree Roy Chaudhuri
   — Prasanna Kr. Mondal
   — Ishani Waiba
   — Nilofar Khatoon

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