Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Institutional Distinctiveness

The college is a 138-year-old heritage institution producing a galaxy of alumni in its long run. Since its inception, the institute has been imparting high quality, all-inclusive education (with no discrimination based on caste, creed, or economic status) to all sections of the society and thereby nurturing the dreams of the underprivileged. Due to its convenient location (400 meters away from Sealdah station) despite standing at the heart of the city of Kolkata, it demographically attracts many first-generation learners every year from various parts of West Bengal even from the remotest villages. The college has students coming from other states too. It is an additional skill set of the faculty of the college to keep such students always motivated in their academic pursuits and help them to evolve their capabilities for the job market. Faculty members work with determination and patience to achieve this feat. Keeping in view the above objective, the Institution may not regularly get toppers across all the disciplines but is often successful in finding meritorious students from the non-creamy layer of the society and help them to carve out a stable academic career. The multilingual platform offered by the Institution also aids significantly in achieving this objective and learners can slowly adapt and get moulded into the academic ambiance of the campus.The college is above all committed to usher in socio-economic transformation by providing inclusive innovative quality education of global standards to fully meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

Distinctive Features of the College:

  • The college has an effective mentoring system prevailing in all its departments for providing differentiated personalised learning to the students of varying standards.
  • The college takes sincere initiatives so that students of all disciplines are introduced with the modern trends of their subject through invited seminar talks by different distinct scientists of global standard.
  • The college conducts tutorial and remedial classes, publishes wall magazines, college tabloids, encourages seminar presentations by students, arranges slab/industry visits, calls parent-teacher meetings and all the departments work together for their students’ holistic development.
  • With a well-maintained and updated central library, all the available e-books and the well-equipped departmental seminar libraries, the college caters to the academic needs of the students.
  • The college takes sincere and timely initiatives to recruit and retain professionally qualified and motivated faculty members and non-teaching staff and provides adequate infrastructure and equipment to them.
  • The college provides sophisticated laboratories, other amenities, and some sports facilities.
  • The college also provides latest teaching gadgets and ICT tools to promote effective teaching-learning experience of the students.
  • The college strives to impart a holistic education to develop skills, knowledge, and values through a well-structured curriculum and offers a wide range of certificate and value-added courses to make the students easily adaptable to the modern-day world and promote entrepreneurship skills.
  • The college strives for an inclusive education by providing scholarships and free ships, so that deserving students are not denied any opportunity due to socio-economic constraints.
  • The college has proactive NCC and NSS units who are active enough to imbibe strong social values and environmental consciousness among the students.