Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

RTI Cell

About the Cell

RTI cell is formed to provide information to the students related to their results and other issues. The cell also provides information sought by other authorities such as court, govt offices etc. The convenor of the cell is Dr. Achintya Biswas, Associate Professor of Bengali of this college.


  1. Inspect the documents and records related to the issue from the administrative section or from the office of the college.
  2. Obtain information from the printouts where such information is stored in a computer system or from any other electronic devices.
  3. No specific form is required for the RTI. An applicant may file his/ her claim on a plain sheet of paper and give details of the information required on the sheet.
  4. The applicant must mention the address at which the data is needed to be sent.
  5. The college will provide information mainly to the existing students and ex-students of the college, also to the govt offices and to the court if legal issues arise.
  6. The college will try to solve the issues as early as possible tentatively within two weeks of receiving the application.

1. To ensure that the students have the right to information.
2. To promote the transparency of the information.
3. To promote the openness of the administration.
4. To ensure the accountability in college administration.
5. To prevent corruption.


Nodal Officer: Achintya Biswas
Program Officer : Manish Kanti Biswas
Member: Khokan Naskar