Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
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SC, ST, OBC And Minority Cell

About the Cell

The SC/ST/OBC Cell of Surendranath College operates to enhance the well being of the SC/ST/OBC students and strives to ensure the optimum utilization of all the educational opportunities pertaining to the reservation facilities in higher education. The cell works towards the awareness of the students about the various career options, guidance facilities and provides the students with the relevant information regarding higher education, competitive exams and training for various jobs and diverse job opportunities. The cell also strives to facilitate a holistic academic environment to ensure the equal treatment of the ST/SC/OBC students along with all other students at the college campus and beyond.


West Bengal ST SC and OBC Development and Finance Corporation:

West Bengal Minorities’ Development and Finance Corporation:

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In order to facilitate the holistic development of the SC/ST/OBC students, the Cell will:

  • Ensure that the students can avail the scholarships without any problems.
  • Strive to create an atmosphere where no student from the backward classes is bullied or harassed. If any instance of harassment is found or reported, the SC/ST/OBC Cell takes necessary action with the help of the anti-ragging cell of the college.
  • Co-operate with the students who are unable to get their SC/ST/OBC Certificates and help them complete the due procedure to receive their certificates.
  • Arrange for special opportunities to enhance the career growth of the SC/ST/OBC students.

Jt. Convenors:
   — Nitai Gayen
   — Nilofer Khatoon

   — Jahira Hossain
   — Ishani Waiba
   — Ujjwal Biswas
   — Amit Nag
   — Abhijit Chakraborty



Scholarship Summary :

OBC-A 2019-20

OBC-A 2020-21

OBC-A 2021-22

OBC-B 2017-18

OBC-B 2018-19

OBC-B 2019-20

OBC-B 2020-21