Surendranath College
Estd.1884; UGC and CU Affiliated; NAAC Accredited
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Library Sub Committee

About the Committee

Library Sub Committee plays an advisory and advocacy role regarding the Library on matters of policy making, planning, programs, goals and objectives in its support of all stakeholders of the college for better teaching and learning.



The library subcommittee has been formed for smooth functioning of the Library. The committee conducts meetings on regular basis and take the decisions regarding the important matters related to the Library. The members of the subcommittee take the decision of purchasing new books as per budget allocation and the list of books are prepared by the Head of the Departments consulting with other departmental teachers. The committee exclusively decides who will supply the books in the college Library. Regarding the supplier of the books the Principal is informed after the meeting so that he can place the resolution adopted in the meeting to the governing body of the college for ratification. Library subcommittee also takes the decision for the selection and purchase of journals, e-books and e-journals of different subjects on request of departmental Heads. The policy decision regarding the installation of LMS (KOHA) has also been taken by the subcommittee as the same was pending for a long time. Barcoding of the Library books have been started for smooth and fast circulation of books among the users as the decision was taken earlier by the Library subcommittee. Though the procedure is yet to complete. It’s the policy of the subcommittee to computerized the whole system of the library as soon as possible and for the purpose proper initiative to be taken.


  • To take the decision on library collections, programs, services, infrastructure and communication mechanisms.
  • To provide a forum for discussing College library and its community’s needs and expectations for information.
  • To act as advocates for the Library in College‐wide decision‐making groups.
  • To advise the library on policy matters concerning services, resources and facilities.
  • To provide an opportunity to raise and discuss initiatives in the provision of library and information services.
  • To facilitate communication between the Library and the community it serves.
  • To discuss and evaluate budgetary issues for books, journals and e-resources.

Future Plan

  1. Barcoding of total collection of books of our college to be done.
  2. Weeding out of old and out of syllabus books.
  3. To start the system of giving ‘Library Clearance Certificate’ to the outgoing students before filling up form for the final semester University examinations.
  4. Proposal to be made to create 2nd Librarian post for smooth functioning of library.
  5. LIS professional staff for the Library to be appointed with the necessary permission from the government.
  6. Initiative will be taken to separate the Library area from Surendranath Evening College.

The Subcommittee was reconstructed with some addition and exclusion on January, 2022 and the present members are as follows:

Joint Convenors:
   — Dr. Achintya Biswas, Associate Prof. Dept. of Bengali
   — Dr. Goutam Dutta, Librarian

   — Dr. Mira Sil Ghosh, Associate Prof. Dept. Physiology
   — Dr. Rathindranath Basu, Associate Prof. Dept. of Commerce
   — Dr. Nilansu Das, Associate Prof. Dept. of Molecular Biology
   — Dr. Aparajita Kundu, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Philosophy
   — Mr. Dhiman Karmakar. Assistant Prof. Dept. of Computer Science
   — Mrs. Pritha Mondal, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Zoology
   — Dr. Mrityunjay Pandey, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Hindi
   — Dr. Paramita Chkraborty, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Political Science
   — Dr. Suranjana Sarkar, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Botany



Following are the activity reports of last 5 years

  • In the session 2016-2017, total 158 books amounting of Rs. 1,66,897/- were purchased from College fund.
  • In the session 2017-2018, total 483 books amounting of Rs. 2,62,500/- were purchased from UGC 12th plan fund.
  • In the session 2019-2020, total 722 books amounting of Rs. 3,94,586/- were purchased from RUSA Grand and 71 number of e-books were also purchased amounting of Rs. 6,66,185/-.
  • KOHA Library Management software was installed in the server of our College Library.
  • Bibliographic data of the books have been entered in KOHA (Library Management Software).
  • Barcoding of books have been started for quick circulation.
  • Previous years question papers of University examination have been uploaded in college website.
  • Quick links have been given in college website for accessing different open access e-resources.
  • Renewed NLIST consortium for each session of last 5 years.
  • Renewed hard copy journals for each session.
  • In the session 2019-2020, total 3,121 number of old and out of syllabus books were weeding out from the Library stock.
  • Maintained the attendance register for students and faculty members.
  • Maintain the use register of photocopy machine.
  • The antivirus (Quick Hill Licensed version) was renewed for 2 times for each computer of the Library in last 5 years.
  • In the session 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, two certificate course of computer application (one for students and one for college employee) and one certificate course of Language was successfully organized by using e-zone of the Library.
  • Pest control have been done in the Library for two times in every year.