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Routine Sub Committee


The Routine Sub Committee of Surendranath College comprises of 11 faculty members. It maintains transparency in its dealings with all stake-holders. The Committee prepares the Routine for review by the Heads of all Departments. After obtaining suggestions from the HODs the routine is finalized and published. It also allocates room for special programmes held in the college.




Today, 07.09.2022, at 1:30PM, members of the Routine Subcommittee are requested to meet in the Department of Physiology, 2nd Floor, to discuss the following agenda.

1. Updating college website content
2. Issues related to routine for sem 1, 3, 5 (Academic Year 2022-23)
3. Miscellaneous

Dr. Sukti Chakraborty
Dr. Reni Pal



A meeting of routine subcommittee will be held on 17.02.2022 (Thursday) at 12 noon in Botany Dept. 2nd floor. All committee members and HODs are requested to attend the meeting.

1. Issues related to routine for sem2/4/6, 2021
2. Miscellaneous

Dr. Sukti Chakraborty
Dr. Reni Pal



 • The objective of Routine Sub Committee is to prepare a class schedule for Odd and Even Semesters (both Theory and Practical Classes).
 • The Routine Committee formulates Master Routine according to the Curriculum following UGC Guidelines checking weekly contact hours/ credits.
 • The Committee also provides routine for Remedial and Tutorial Classes for slow and advanced learners.
 • The Committee also tries to accommodate elective subjects according to the policy of the institution.
 • To assure preparation and circulation of routine well in advance before semester commencement.
 • To permit temporary adjustment of classes only when recommended by HOD/Incharge.


Jt. Convenors:

   — Sukti Chakraborty
   — Reni Pal

   — Asis Basu
   — Koushik Ghosh
   — Dipasree Roychowdhury
   — Madhulina Bauri
   — Lalita Das
   — Baishali Pandit
   — Bilquis Begum
   — Subhadra Roy
   — Raju Mondal
   — HoDs of all Departments



Meeting Minutes for meeting held on 07.09.2022 | 1:30PM

  • The meeting started with an introduction about today’s agenda of the meeting by joint convenors.
  • Regarding website update it was decided to update and upload the Master Routine for the current Odd Semester (2022-23).
  • To address issues related to master routine and room allotment (if any), the committee decided to include an Issue addressal link in the website. The link will help in hasslefree redressal on a timely basis by the committee.
  • It was further decided to take print outs of meeting minutes conducted online during pandemic and staple it in the meeting minutes book for simpler documentation.
  • The Department of Journalism notified problems in using zoology classroom (available but not adequate for Journalism) to conduct their classes. Committee needs to further clarify the nature of problems and discuss it with authority at the earliest.

Meeting Minutes for meeting held on 17.2.2022 | 12 Noon

The meeting started with address by Routine sub-committee convenor, Dr. Sukti Chakraborty. The convenor informed all Head of the Departments (HOD) present in the meeting that; all the departments must have received master routines (MR) with room allotments w.e.f 15.2.2022. It is expected that departmental routines must be set based on the given MR. However, one must note, there are few blank periods in the MR. These periods are left blank due to problems in allotment of classrooms to all departments simultaneously. Hence, Science departments without room constrains are free to include classes in those blank spaces without hampering the MR.

Furthermore, departments must include classes on Saturdays for Semester 2 (Honours), which are left blank for the same reason stated above.

The HODs were asked for informing their problems with the MR (if any) to the committee.

Issue: Arts departments showed concern about scheduling class on Saturday as they share common classrooms.
Solution: Arts departments were advised to replace some Sem6 (H) classes in MR with Sem 2 (H) classes to solve the problem (Sem 6- 24 periods; Sem 4- 15 periods; Sem 2- 10 periods in MR). Science departments can set Sem 2 Honours classes on Saturdays independently. Science departments can also increase number of classes for Sem 2 and 4 in blank periods as stated earlier.
Issue: Mrintyunjay Pandey reported that Hindi classes are allotted on Wednesday for Sem 6 which is his offday.
Solution: MR will be revised accordingly.
Issue: Department of History along with other arts departments reported classes scheduled at 10AM in Room Number 6,30 and 33 are clashing with Law college.
Solution: To be discussed with Principal Sir.
Issue: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication reported that their maximum classes are allotted in Room Number 73 which is recently been handed over for IQAC room. Hence alternative room allotment is urgently needed.
Solution: To be discussed with Principal Sir.
Issue: Dr. Asis Basu reported that entrance to Room number 71 is blocked with furniture and stuff due to on going renovation.
Solution: Principal Sir will be informed for immediate cleanup.

At the end of the meeting, some members of the committee along with academic sub-committee convenor conveyed the raised issues to Principal Sir.

  • Principal Sir will talk to Principal, Surendranath Law college regarding unavailability of class rooms.
  • Sir advised to shift classes allotted in Room 73 to Room 71 and Zoology classroom adjacent to library on temporary basis (Later confirmed with Adity Sarbajna, department of Zoology).
  • Sir assured routine committee that entrance of Room 71 will be cleared at the earliest.
  • Members Present: