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Woman Cell

About the Cell

The Women cell Surendranath College started its journey in the month of July 2014. The members who initially founded the stepping platform of this noble endeavor, were-

  Prof. Abanti Goswami (Convenor)
  Prof. Santa Chatterjee
  Prof. Mira Sil Ghosh
  Prof. Supriya Pal Chowdhury
  Prof. Monika Chakraborty
  Prof. Nandini Guha
  Prof. Papri Manna

In the year 2015, few members were co-opted:
  Prof. Sumita Saha
  Prof. Bilquis Begum
  Prof. Koyena Ghosh
  Prof. Subhadra Roy

In the year 2019, few members were again co-opted:
  Prof. Madhulina Bauri
  Prof. Jahira Hossain
  Prof. Debjani Ghosal
  Prof. Suranjana Sarkar

The cell was reconstructed in the month of November 2019. The present body contains the following members-
   Prof. Subhadra Roy (Convenor)
   Prof. Koyena Ghosh (Convenor)
   Prof. Abanti Goswami
   Prof. Sumita Saha
   Prof. Nandini Guha
   Prof. Lalita Das
   Prof. Bilquis Begum
   Prof. Madhulina Bauri
   Prof. Suranjana Sarkar
   Prof. Debjani Ghoshal
   Prof. Jahira Hossain
   Mrs. Shukla Dutta Das (Office staff)
   Mrs. Shibani Karmakar (Office staff)

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  • Right to live with dignity
  • Securing health and hygiene of women
  • Gender sensitization
  • Providing an equal working environment for all faculties and staff
  • Prevent gender discrimination and sexual harassment, by promoting gender amity
  • Provide vocational training for financially backward women learners
  • Educating women about their rights and duties towards the Nation
  • Awareness program on Trafficking and prostitution of women.
  • Providing legal aid to women
  • Prevention of women foeticide
  • Protection of women against domestic violence
  • Protecting maternity rights (for all sections)
  • Prevention of cybercrimes against women.Deterrence of sexual
  • Prevention of harassment of women at workplace
  • Interaction with various Non-governmental Organizations for the resolution of various women-centric issues

Short-Term Plans:

  1. Organizing seminars and webinars on women emancipation and rights of women to sensitize the students on gender equity.
  2. Organize vocational courses (i.e. nursing, graphic designing, interior designing, creative writing, driving) for all women stakeholders.
  3. Collaborating with the NCC unit of the college in providing self defense courses to all girl students, by making themselves more confident and defending themselves in times of danger.
  4. To organize events and activities (workshop, poster competition, debate) for development of women in every sphere.
  5. Making females aware about different kinds of violence: sexual, physical and mental and provide them financial and legal aid through our cell.
  6. Providing knowledge about different career opportunities so that they can be financially independent.
  7. Eliminating prejudices and superstition against women in society.
  8. Organizing Inter-class debate competitions on different social, political, economic women issues.
  9. Visiting different welfare societies for the underprivileged and marginalized and to work with them in bringing about a change in the mindset of the masses.

Long-Term Plans:

  1. Will try to organize a Special talk by the C.M. of this state, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, an epitome of women power.
  2. Organizing road shows and street performances to educate the common mass.
  3. Organizing international conferences and seminars in collaboration with different departments of the college and NGOs in and around Kolkata.
  4. Will try to get UGC minor and major Research projects on gender, sexuality and women’s rights to upgrade the cell and the faculties for a holistic development.
  5. A six-month certificate course on women studies through teaching, research, curriculum, field and extension work.

Yearly Plan of Actions


  • To organise awareness programmes on women centric issues.
  • To arrange awareness programmes and seminars on health and safety of young women.
  • To organise varstyle=”margin-left: 30px”ious competitions for students like panel discussion/posters/slogans/essay competition/photography.
  • To prepare the students physically and mentally at par with changing trends in society and encourage their hidden talents.
  • To conduct several knowledge enhancing programmes for women students, faculty and staff in the college.
  • To boost up the self-esteem and self-confidence of women students, faculty and staff in the college by organising programmes in personality development, counselling and communication skills.
  • To engage all students in different cultural activities for overall personality development.
  • To assist students in learning various life skills to face different crises in life.
  • Conduct workshops on Female hygiene and to spread awareness on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • To create a friendly environment, integrated with education, enriched with moral values and noble qualities that would help in establishing equality.


    • To conduct panel discussion, talks and special guest lectures on socio-legal issues related to women.
    • To organise programmes and competitions for the protection of women and girl child.
    • To organise workshops and seminars on physical and mental health of the youth.
    • To hold lectures on PCPNDT Act and POCSO Act by law experts in collaboration with Surendranath Law College.
    • To conduct series of interactive sessions on Psychological counselling of young adults.
    • To organise interactive/ discussion/ awareness talk on protection of the girl child, women and against foeticide and infanticide.
    • To organise brainstorming sessions on issues related to lifestyle problems and “generation gap.”
    • To aware students of all gender about their rights, responsibilities and obligations towards their esteemed institution.
    • To collaborate with other sub committees and cells for better functioning to provide various facilities to the students.
    • To conduct various vocational and training courses in order to equip the students with special skills for better placement opportunities.
    • To spread awareness among the female students to take care of their health and consider the hygiene issue during their menstrual periods.
    • To install a sanitary napkin vending machine to distribute sanitary napkins at a very minimum price, so that female students from all categories of society can afford to maintain their hygiene.

    • PLAN OF ACTION-2019

      • To hold essay writing, poetry writing and poster competitions in association with language departments, namely English and Bengali of the Institution on the topic- violence against women.
      • To arrange self -awareness and self- development classes to enlighten the girl students.
      • To materialise the idea of women sick room in college premise.
      • To promote students to take part in seminars, workshops, programmes on women.
      • To collaborate with other colleges, private and public offices, various NGOs to conduct awareness talks on the issues relating to women.
      • To provide guidance of expert in the topic relating to women studies.
      • To plan a course/projects with any research institution to comprehend the issues of youths’ health and to come up with some solutions for their betterment.
      • To increase awareness relating to the health hazards caused by the consumption of alcohol and tobacco among students as well as other stakeholders of the institution.
      • To promote and assist in a research on issues pertaining to women.

      • PLAN OF ACTION-2020

        • To organise a talk on Breast Cancer, by an eminent Doctor and expert of this field.
        • To hold essay writing, alpona drawing and poster competitions.
        • To organise guest lectures, Master Classes and Gender related talks to provide the idea of different women related issues, such as- women: private, public dichotomy, women and social discrimination etc.
        • To promote students to take part in seminars, workshops, programmes on women and women rights.
        • To organise online webinars and awareness sessions regarding various issues related to the problems of Covid -19.
        • To conduct social awareness programs among students and organise service groups to encourage and involve students in social service activities during this Pandemic.
        • To assist the students with the knowhow of operating the virtual platform like- Zoom, Google Meet etc.
        • To empower the cell members by providing with the training on different softwares, Apps and online platform operation skills to be equipped with the ICT modes of teaching learning.

        • PLAN OF ACTION-2021

          • To establish MOU with social activist groups and NGOs to involve students in various social works.
          • To execute different plan and projects on Gender Sensitisation.
          • To nominate gender champions of the college.
          • To publish E-magazine or E-album of the cell.
          • To get associated with NGOs and organisations working for the protection of the women and to hold state level activities.
          • To spread awareness among the students about the social, legal and constitutional rights of women in order to prevent the gender based exploitation.
          • To collaborate with NGOs to explore and understand the vast area of women rights.
          • To assist with legal aids to the female as well as to the male students.
          • To sensitise the students about different measures to protect themselves and their families from Covid, Omicron and the like to live a safe and healthy life.
          • To undertake schemes and policies to explore, design and implement ways to bring change in society to create a better and just community living.
          • To create a bridge with rural counterparts to interact with the rural students and to sensitise them regarding gender issues and various rights, Govt. policies and schemes for empowerment.


Names of the Convenors:
   — Dr. Subhadra Roy, Department of Zoology
   — Mrs. Koyena Ghosh, (Co- Convenor, Womens Cell), Department of Sociology

Names of the Members :

  • Mrs. Abanti Goswami, Department of Economics
  • Mrs. Sumita Saha, Department of Bengali
  • Mrs. Nandini Guha, Department of Sociology
  • Dr. Bilquis Begum, Department of Urdu
  • Dr. Lalita Das, Department of Chemistry
  • Mrs. Madhulina Bauri, Department of English
  • Dr. Debjani Ghosal, Department of Political Science
  • Dr. Suranjana Sarkar, Department of Botany
  • Mrs. Jahira Hossain, Department of English
  • Dr. Anusrita Mandal, Department of Sanskrit

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